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Me and Janis. What can I say, we are fashion trend setters. And if I look a little thinner than usual, there's a reason for that… - 7/18/2010
Christopher Giordanelli
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Training Log

04/0622000.75Swim (AM): New technique...avg'd 1:53/100m for 2000m. Good for me; Weights (Lunch): 3x core circuit. Felt so good, I upped some of the weights.
04/054Recovery run. Lungs were literally sore.
04/04638Megabrick while visiting my parents in AL. Bike @ 22 mph (avg HR = 130), run @ 6:42 pace (avg HR = 136)
04/03Another rest day.
04/02Skipped all workouts - I am like death.
04/0130Skipped my swim today - allergies are killing me. Having trouble sleeping. Rode @ 20.1 mph
03/3180.75Run (AM): Easy/moderate @ 6:50 pace; Weights (Lunch): 3x core circuit
03/30345039Swim (AM): 3x1000m (1:56 - 1:59/100m), 12x25m; Bike (PM): Donaldson coutry ride+ 21mph Avg HR = 118
03/2940.75Weights (AM): 3x core circuits; Run (AM): Super easy run
03/28Rest Day.
03/2711Ran the Cooper River Bridge Run 10k today. 34:27. 62nd place (38,000+ participants). 1st Overall 45-49 age group.
03/264Traveled to Charleston for the Cooper River Bridge Run. Did a nice warmup run here by running over the bridge and back. Picked up the effort a bit on the return trip.
03/25200018Swim (AM): Easy, steady swim; Bike (PM): Easy trainer ride.
03/2480.5Run (AM): Negative split run - jumped a HR zone every 2 miles; Weights (Lunch): 2x Core Circuit.
03/23300036Swim: More drills - felt good but swam slower than normal; Bike: 4 x 2-minute intervals. Worked extra hard to get HR up for intervals. Body got pretty tired last 10 miles (Avg pace = 20.2mph)
03/22Last week exhausted me (not to mention allergy season just bloomed)...took another rest day.
03/21Rest Day.
03/20738.2Brutal brick: Rode with Team Vision - hilly route and some good efforts. Added on a loop over Paris Mountain (Avg pace = 19.2mph). Then got off and ran on nasty hills (Avg pace = 6:52, Avg HR = 141)
03/192800510Swim: Drills, drills, drills (followed by a short ride to work); Run: Excellent run...new route; Janis rode her mtn bike w/me; Avg 6:54 pace in zone1!! Avg HR = 124
03/1830Nice, even-paced ride @20.0mph. Avg HR = 121. Was sluggish at start but felt better as the ride went on
03/1710.50.5Run (AM): After a tough day yesterday, ran the last 7.5 @ 6:10 pace; Weights: 2x core circuit
03/16340037Swim (AM): 2x1500 time trial (w/cotton t-shirt)…exhausting; Bike (PM): 20-mile Time Trial @ 25.58mph (46:53). Tough day.
03/1560.75Weights: 3x core circuit; Run: Recovery run @ 7:54 pace
03/141850Moderate, straight swim @ 1:56/100m
03/137510Super Brick: Ride @19.7 mph (huge winds) followed by run @ 7:05 pace
03/12Rest Day.
03/11208Bike (AM): Spin bike easy (116 Avg HR); Run (PM): 8-mile treadmill, negative split last 2 miles were 6:15 & 6:14
03/1060.5Weights: 3x core curcuit; Run: Zone 1 treadmill run.
03/09320040Swim: Total drill workout...really pushed today; Bike: Rode w/Dan - excellent ride @ 20.4mph (avg HR = 120)
03/080.5Weights: 3x core curcuit;
03/0750Bike: An absolutely delightful ride with TeamKattouf teammate and friend Gail Kattouf. Challenging but beautiful course.
03/0610.2Run: Raced the Reedy River 10k Run (State Championships). PR'd with a 35:05. Check out the blog area for a race report.
03/0517501Swim: Relaxed, steady swim @ 1:56/100m pace; Run: Got to jog around and lead the Reedy River kids fun run tonight.
03/04240031Swim: Total drill workout; Bike: Easy ride w/Todd G from work.
03/032.50.5Weights: 3x core curcuit; Run: Easy treadmill run after circuit workout.
03/0232006.5Swim: Total drill workout; Run: Hard run w/half-mile alternating efforts…great run AND I got to do it in the snow!!
03/01200.5Weights: 3x core curcuit; Bike: 4x2-minute efforts. Had trouble getting the HR up after being sick over the weekend.
02/28Still sick - hated missing a big workout today but it would've been crazy to workout.
02/27Rest Day…came down with a bad cold last night.
02/2627006Swim: 500TT (9:06); Run: Negative split run
02/25300033Swim: 4x400 (7:25, 7:31, 7:36, 7:48) + 8x25; Bike: incredible spin ride (avg HR = 126)
02/2460.5Run: Zone 1 easy run; Weights: 3x core curcuit
02/23190023Swim: 3x300 (5:25, 5:32, 5:52); Bike: Got to ride outdoors - halleluijah!
02/2260.5Weights: Legs/core circuits; Run: Zone 1 recovery run.
02/21Rest Day.
02/203812Run: Took 4th overall in the Green Valley 10-Mile Road Race today (58:13); Bike: Great after-race ride to loosen the legs w/Chris Adams
02/1930.5Run: Easy pre-race run; Weights: Core circuits
02/18300019Swim: Main set = 4x400, 8x25...another poor swim - struggling in the water this week; Bike: Unlike the swim, a great ride - HR was low @ 19.9mph avg.
02/176Zone 1 easy run
02/16300030Swim: Worst swim in a while - was supposed to be 3x1000 negative splits and although I went harder each time...(2:00/100m, 2:01/100m, 2:02/100m); Ride: Indoor spin felt good and maintained a good HR for entire ride (avg HR = 126)
02/1580.75Lift: Super Sets - easy on the legs; Run: Not pleased with a 6:17 pace the last 6 miles in Z3.
02/14Rest Day
02/1310Run: Was supposed to be the Myrtle Beach Half Marathon but the event was cancelled due to overnight snow. I ran a 10-mile race simulation @ 6:01 pace.
02/12Rest/travel day.
02/11150015Swim: Straight swim @ 1:53/100m; Bike: Easy/moderate spin on the trainer at home.
02/1050.75Run: Last 3 miles in Z2 were 6:29 pace.; Lift: Super Sets - easy on the legs today.
02/09250027Swim: steady pace; Bike: 3x3-minute intervals in the middle of the spin. Had a lot of trouble getting the HR up today, but managed to make it happen (Avg HR = 114)
02/083Run: Easy run @ 7:48 pace
02/073815.1Brick Workout (5.1mi/38mi/10mi): I had free reign to go a little harder on the first run (@ 6:30 pace)and ride (@ 20 mph) before opeing it up on the second run (@ 6:18 pace). Did the ride w/Dan - fantastic effort.
02/06Rest Day
02/0526507.5Swim: 3x1000 (cut the last one short) @ 1:59/100m, 1:57/100m and 1:56/100m.; Run: Great treadmill run - I was flying in Z2!
02/0430008Swim: Fantastic swim. Fatigue on my 4x400s was visibly less than last week (7:12, 7:16, 7:19, 7:33); Bike: Did a Computrainer 10k race and was unbeleivably disappointed. Not worth talking about.
02/0311.20.75Run: 6-mile Z# tempo on the track. Avg HR = 134, pace = 6:03. ; Lift: Pushed really hard for these Super Sets.
02/02265028Swim; Poor swim...pace dropped exponentially (avg 1:56/100m); Bike: Felt better at spin class. Steady effort. Avg HR = 117.
02/0130.75Lift: Super Sets; Run: Felt terrible. Could not get HR up so I quit halfway through prescribed workout.
01/313013Brick Workout (5mi/30mi/8mi): Easy first 5 miles @7:17, indoor spin @ 124 avg HR, then a blistering second run @ 6:12 pace.
01/30Rest Day
01/2927008Run: Fantastic run! 6:32 pace in HR Z2 for 6 miles!; Swim: Wow - 2700 @ 1:52/100m pace. Excellent swim for me.
01/28300036Swim: 4x400, 8x25 + warmup & cooldown drills; Bike: Rode w/Dan - felt incredible. Avgd just under 20mph and felt like we were lollygagging. Avg HR = 115!
01/2710.4Avg HR = 129, ran w/Kristi Arledge
01/26250028Swim: Easy, steady; Ride: Indoor spin 118 avg HR
01/2560.75Run:easy; Lift: Super Sets
01/24Recovery Day.
01/23609Downtown 5k race + warmup & cooldown. Group ride to Caesars Head after the race.
01/22Rest Day.
01/21100015Swim (Lunch): Steady pace @ 1:53/100m; Bike (PM): Trainer ride HR Z2.
01/20100.75Run (AM): Group run - 2 miles to track and then 6 miles tempo w/10 1-minute pickups; Lift (PM): Super sets
01/19120030Swim (Lunch): 6x200 w/15 tricep dips between each; Bike (PM): Awesome spin intervals 6x5min high cadence.
01/18Rest Day - drove home from Mobile, AL and was too tired to do prescribed workout.
01/1710Negative split run…last 4 mile in Z4+ (5:53, 5:54, 5:58, 6:04)
01/16Rest Day.
01/152300386Mini-Tri: Swim = 1000m time trial @1:52/100m (18:39); Bike = spin bike HR Z1-Z3; Run = HR Z3 run @6:18 pace (37:39)
01/14315031Swim (AM): 1:57/100m avg. Steady pace throughout; Bike (PM): Rode w/Dan @20mph. Had some trouble with my breathing - felt harder than it should have.
01/1350.75Run (Lunch): Moderate negative split run @6:54/mile; Weights (PM): SuperSets
01/123000HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JANIS!!! Swim (AM): Long, continuous effort today @2:00/100m.
01/112312Run (AM): Ran this at HR zone 1 on the treadmill; Bike (PM): Did another 5x5-min spin interval ride on the spin bikes...AVG HR = 127 (high for an indoor session!; good workout)
01/101500505Great mini tri today...Swim: 1000m time trial @1:49/100m (18:10), Bike: Rode w/Dan @ 18.2mph (cold and windy), Run: Off the bike ran a 31:42 (6:20/mile) and was not pegged (141 AVG HR)
01/09100.75Run (AM): Ran w/Fleet Feet teammates - moderate pace (@6:51/mile) AVG HR = 131; Lift (AM): Lifted after run - SuperSets
01/08Rest Day.
01/07306.3Bike (AM): Spin bike...did 5x5-minute spinning intervals w/5-min rest between. Avg HR = 120; Run (Lunch): Was tired from the morning's spin effort...ran easy @7:35/mile
01/06150050.75Swim (AM): Rick's secret resistance training; Run (Lunch): Zone1 easy run @7:24/mile; Weights (PM): SuperSets (power reps)
01/0533Did my first ride at the Jim Cunningham Cycling Center. What an awesome Computrainer workout. Avg HR = 126, Max HR = 151.
01/041000Steady swim (18:23)
01/033000303Mini-tri...swim = continuous effort; bike = spin bike w/some ocassional intensity; run = moderate effort @6:32/mile. Ran outside although the temps were low 30's and extremely windy.
01/0214Raced the New Year's Resolution Half Marathon and won. Time of 1:20:09 was slow for multiple reasons (course was .2 long, temps in the upper 20's, strong winds...)
01/015.4Ran without HR monitor - nice relaxing warmup pace for tomorrow's race. @6:42/mile.
12/312900Steady continuous swim.
12/3050.75Run (Lunch): Negative split run @6:06/mile (5:38 last mile); Weights (PM): SuperSet lifts
12/29250027Swim (AM): steady effort; Bike (PM): Spin bike @ moderate effort.
12/2810Still felt a bit bad from yesterday. @6:42/mile.
12/272000403Mini-tri...swim = continuous effort; bike = rode w/Dan and did 4x5:00 spin intervals; run = @6:30/mile. Felt 'overused' today. Could be any number of reasons but it was not a good day.
12/26200060.5Weights (AM): Plyometrics (18 stations) - really pushed today: Swim (AM): Continuous effort; Run (AM): Treadmill run - got pretty dehydrated and pace was slow.
12/25Day off...Merry Christmas!
12/2435Moderate pace ride w/Rob Dempsey (18.5mph)
12/239.1Negative split run @6:36/mile
12/22210.5Weights (AM): Plyometrics (18 stations); Bike (PM): Solo night ride - quick tempo (19.6mph)
12/2113008Swim (AM): 3x300 (5:18, 5:27, 5:31); Run (Lunch): Easy run @6:48/mile
12/20200064Swim (AM): steady, moderate effort; Bike (AM): Group ride. Generally easy pace w/1 really hard section and a couple of small efforts.
12/19Rest Day
12/1860.5Run (AM): Manged to avoid truly nasty weather with an early morning run @6:42 pace; Weights (PM): Plyometrics (18 stations)
12/17200025.4Swim (Lunch): Continuous effort - moderate; Bike (PM): Easy night ride with Dan @17.5mph
12/1610000.5Swim(Lunch): Did 10x100m w/tricep dips in between each; Weights (PM): Plyometrics (18 stations)
12/15Rest/travel Day
12/147Started out very easy but felt better than expected so I picked it up just a bit (@7:00/mi pace)
12/134Easy, relaxed recovery run.
12/1211Raced the Mission 10-miler.
12/113.7Super easy run to get ready for tomorrow's race.
12/10100018Bike (AM): Spin cycle easy; Swim (AM): 10 x 100 w/ tricep dips between each 100
12/098Negative split run. Avg. 6:36/mile.
12/08100021Bike (AM); Spin bike - easy w/4 x 1:00 efforts; Swim (AM); 10 x 100 w/ tricep dips between each 100
12/078.50.5Run (AM): Zone2 HR; Weights (PM): Plyometrics (18 stations)
12/061000435Mini-tri: steady swim, moderate ride, negative split run
12/05Rest Day
12/0480.5Weights (AM): Plyometrics (18 stations); Run (Lunch): Efficiency run @ 6:42 pace
12/03100027Swim (Lunch): Steady, active recovery; Ride (PM): Group night ride…a bit stressful and tough to keep a steady effort.
12/02120.5Weights (Lunch): Plyometrics (18 stations); Run (PM): Had to do this on the treadmill b/c of weather. TeamKattouf athlete and friend Ashley Long showed up to help me through.
12/01100022Swim (AM): 10x100m w/tricep dips between each 100; Bike (Lunch): Moderate ride on a beautiful day.
11/308.80.5Run (AM): Progressive run...20 mins @zone1 HR / 20 mins @zone2 / 20 mins @ zone3. Avg Pace = 6:48. Avg HR = 131; Weights (Lunch): Plyometrics (18 stations)
11/29Rest Day.
11/2838Super-easy group ride through Atlanta with friends.
11/2710Run assessment today. Ran on the Silver Comet trail outside of Atlanta while Janis rode alongside me. 3 miles easy + 3 miles moderate + 4 miles all out. Avg Pace = 6:12.
11/265Did the Trees Greenville Turkey Trot 8k w/Janis. A delightful morning.
11/25180060.33Weights (AM): Plyometrics (12 stations); Swim (AM): Drills + 5x200m (3:36, 3:33, 3:33, 3:35, 3:41); Run (Lunch): Moderate steady pace @6:48/mile. Avg HR = 132.
11/24167.2Run (AM): Team Fleet Feet run @6:42/mile. Avg HR = 132; Bike (PM): Dan and I did the most miserable night ride ever - rain, helmet light not working, tons of traffic - we cut it short.
11/2318000.33Weights (AM): Plyometrics (12 stations); Swim (AM): Drills + 5x200m (3:41, 3:41, 3:40, 3:42, 3:47)
11/22Rest Day
11/21415Bike (AM): Group ride w/one hard effort; Run (Brick): Avg HR = 131, Avg Pace = 6:54.
11/2080.25Weights (PM): Plyometrics; Run (PM): Had to hit the treadmill for this run assessment due to the weather. Avg HR = 133, Avg Pace = 7:05
11/19180026Swim (Lunch): Drills + 5x200m (3:41, 3:44, 3:47, 3:50, 3:59); Ride (PM): Group ride - chased the first 8 miles and then rode easy.
11/1810.50.25Run (AM):Negative split run @ 7:12/mile average. Avg HR = 126.; Weights (PM) Plyometrics.
11/1727Spin class. Avg HR 120.
11/168.60.25Weights (AM): Plyometrics; Run (Lunch): Did 1-hr run as prescribed between 130-137 HR.
11/15553Bike: Did the Ride for Thea. Felt good - went easy the whole day except for Camp Old Indian climb. Run: Immediately after the ride - stayed at 7:00 pace per my coach.
11/1414Bike: Easy mountain bike ride on the road with Janis. Beautiful day.
11/13350.25Bike (Lunch): The first time I've ever done a 20-mile TT in off-season. An assessment for my coach. Unbelievably windy and mechanical (cleat) problems, but successful in calculating my HR zones. 20mi @ 24.7mph (48:50) Avg HR 145; Weights (PM): Plyometrics
11/1210008Swim (AM): 1000 straight swim (19:17); Run (Lunch): 8 miles @ 7:06 / 129 HR avg.
11/1180.25Run (AM): steady treadmill run - avg HR 126; Weights (PM): Plyometrics.
11/10180025Swim (AM): drils + 5x200's (3:45, 3:43, 3:43, 3:41, 3:52); Bike (PM): Spin class - avg HR 123.
11/098.50.25Weights (AM): Plyometrics; Run (AM): Easy run (@7:00 pace).
11/08Rest Day
11/07156Bike: Mine and Dan's annual ride to Atlanta...beautiful day, 19.6 mph avg.
11/0613Bike (AM): Easy spin bike ride - avg HR 106
11/05150027Swim (AM): 1x1000 (19:55); Bike (PM): w/Dan - country night ride.
11/044.40.25Weights (AM): Plyometrics; Run (AM): Easy run (@7:06 pace). Beautiful morning.
11/03150033Swim (AM): First time in pool in 2 months. Did 3x300m as an assessment. Pretty ugly; Bike (PM): First night ride w/Dan. We rode downtown and made sure to find the worst hills in town. Fairly easy pace.
11/024.10.25Weights (AM): Plyometrics; Run (AM): Easy run (@7:18 pace). First day with Rick Kattouf as coach.
11/0152Rode w/Dan - first time on the bike in a while. 18.5mph
10/30Rest Day
10/29Rest Day
10/2818Easy mountian bike ride w/Janis
10/27Lots of walking around DC
10/26Lots of walking around DC
10/2526.2Marine Corps Marathon
10/24Rest Day
10/23Rest Day
10/226.7Ran w/Jon @6:42. Did a pickup up McDaniel (6:07 mile)
10/2125Bike (PM): Spin class - 120 HR avg.
10/207Easy Run
10/19Rest Day
10/188Atlanta Ekiden race
10/174Ran the race course (tomorrow's) w/Joe Hammond.
10/16Sick Day
10/158Run (AM): did 'Satan's Ladder' on the treadmill. Felt sick at end of day.
10/14Rest Day
10/138Run: (AM) 6-mile tempo @ 6:15 (37:26) - terrible run! Last 2 miles = 6:40, 6:30
10/12Rest Day
10/1124.5Long run - slowed considerably at mile 19. Finished with 6:40 pace.
10/105Did the 'Ache Around the Lake' 8k with Janis
10/0913Couldn't bring myself to fight traffic so did 1:30 on the treadmill.
10/08178Run: (AM) 6-mile tempo @ 5:57 (35:42) Bike: (Lunch) Spin bike - 126 HR avg.
10/07Rest Day
10/06176.3Run: (AM) 4x.5-mile hill intervals. Bike: (Lunch) Spin bike - 128 HR avg.
10/05Rest Day
10/0454Fairly easy ride w/Dan. Legs tired from yesterday. 18.3 mph.
10/0324.3Awesome long run 3 weeks before my marathon. Ran first 16 with Fleet Feet teammates @ 6:41 pace and then held same pace to finish @ 6:41 pace.
10/02Rest Day
10/018Hard treadmill run - did my ladder workout 7mph - 11mph .1 mph each minute then the same but with .1 mph each 15 secs.
09/3013Long run into work @ 6:42 pace.
09/29346.5Run: (Lunch) Did 4 x steep hill repeats. Run average @ 6:21; Bike: (PM) Easy ride home with Dan @ 19.1 mph
09/284Easy treadmill run.
09/27Recovery Day
09/262311Took the Gold Medal for men 45-49 at the World Duathlon Championships. My multisport season is over.
09/25Rest Day
09/2486-mile tempo @6:02 (36:10). Much like my ride TT, about a minute off pace since my season is dwindling.
09/233Started off to do 4 x .5-mile hill repeats...but stopped halfway through the first one. No today.
09/22356Run: (AM) Easy run w/teammates. Bike: (PM) 20-mile TT @ 25.5 mph (47:00). Amazed I went that fast since my riding has dwindled a lot.
09/2030Raining (again!) - did an indoor TT simulation, 40 minutes @ 138 hr.
09/1920Team run w/Tim B, Jon, Steve, Matt. Started fairly relaxed then settled into 6:45ish pace. Miles 15-18 I picked up the pace (6:27, 6:22, 6:11, 5:54). Finished with 6:46 pace.
09/18Rest Day
09/17246.25Run: (AM) w/Matt P @ 6:48 pace. Still feeling a bit tired. Bike: (PM) Spin class - moderate/hard
09/1626Indoor spin - moderate
09/157.2w/Kelly B @ 7:45 pace...we are both still recovering from the Blue Ridge Relay
09/14Rest Day
09/1338Ride: Even-paced ride w/Dan to flush out the legs.
09/127.1Final leg of Blue Ridge Relay. Leg 3 = 7.1 miles @ 6:31 pace.
09/1119Warmup + first 2 legs of the Blue Ridge Relay. Leg 1 = 7.5 miles @ 5:49 pace. Leg 2 = 10.2 miles @6:39 pace (this leg was entirely up Grandfather Mountain)
09/10Rest/Travel Day
09/09226.4Bike: (AM) Indoor spin - moderate; Run: (Lunch) 4x.5-mile hill repeats. The mile loop I was doing was all up for half and all down for half (2:57, 3:00, 2:58, 3:04)
09/0815001Easy swim and stretching day.
09/07Recovery Day
09/06415Raced the Virginia Beach Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon.
09/0510Bike: Easy spin around Virginia Beach
09/04Rest/Travel Day
09/03150020Run: (AM) ran a negative split for 20 miles. Ended w/6:32 overall pace. Felt excellent; Swim: (PM) Drills.
09/027Run: (Lunch) 5-mile tempo @5:52/mile.
09/01150035Ride: (PM) 20-mile TT @26.2mph (45:48)...tried the ZIPP 1080 wheels again. Looks to have been successful.
08/311Another great stretching/lifting session.
08/3068Group ride to Caeser's Head. Legs tired from yesterday but 3 of us kept a good tempo to the top. Pulled fairly hard most of the return trip and felt tired but strong.
08/298Raced the USATF National 10k Trail Run today...brutal would be an understatement.
08/284Light walking/jogging to check out tomorrow's race course.
08/2718Run: (AM) A great long run @ 6:32; Also go my monthly Xolair shot after my run.
08/2615003Swim: (AM) Consistently swimming under 8:50 for 500m (good, for me); Run: (Lunch) Did a leisurely jog w/some co-workers
08/25488Run: (AM) 6-mile Tempo @5:52/mile; Bike: (PM) Modeerate ride w/Dan
08/241Great lifting/stretching day. Did swimming-specific lifts and legs.
08/23150042Brick: Steady swim and then ride w/Jonathan Sowinski. did my 20-mile TT during the ride @25.2 mph (47:33). A bit slower than lately, but the wind was a factor today.
08/2217Run: w/Tim Briles And Steve Pearce @6:46 pace
08/211500Easy swim
08/203110Run:(AM) steady quick pace @6:15/mile; Bike: (PM) a steady, quick ride as well @20.3 mph
08/191500Easy swim - still trying to make sure I am completely recovered from my bad week last week.
08/18Resting after a bad week.
08/17Resting after a bad week.
08/168001512Greenville Sprint Tri. My 3rd sprint tri of the year...I'm 0 for 3 this year for good sprint races.
08/151500A rough week leading up to the G'ville Tri...Swim: (AM) Felt very sluggish.
08/14Rest day
08/133810.5Not sure today was wise after Tuesday's fiasco...Run: (AM) Fleet Feet team run w/3-mile tempo @5:50; Bike: (PM) rode w/Dan @ 19.9 mph.
08/12Recovery day after nearly killing myself yesterday.
08/11200016.5Run: (PM) What a train wreck! Started feeling bad around 9 miles and "over-pushed" myself to complete the distance. Almost passed out w/chills, etc. Stupid.
08/10150035Swim: (AM) Easy drills; Bike: (PM) 20-mile TT @ 25.7 mph (46:48)
08/091000Swim: Day 2 of Swim workshop
08/081000Swim: Day 1 of Swim workshop
08/072Warmed up for a track run but was so wasted that I called it a rest day.
08/06150033Swim: Lunch) straight swim; Bike: (PM) braved the after-work traffic to ride Paris Mountain. Barely missed breaking 12 minutes (Furman side) - was tired from Wed, but felt amazingly good on the climb.
08/051516Bike: (AM) Easy ride into work; Run: (PM) First run over 13 miles in almost a year - really started easy and felt relaxed @ 6:36 pace for the entire 16 miles...excellent!
08/04448Run: (AM) 6-mile tempo @ 5:51 (35:05); Bike: (PM) Did a solo tempo ride (TT bike) - 40 miles @23.8mph + cool down.
08/031Stretching and leg strength workout
08/024910Brick: (bike, run, bike). All the riding was fairly easy. The effort was in the run. 10 miles @ 6:27. Last 2 miles @ 6:02 & 6:02.
08/01250044Brick: Distance swim then ride w/20-mile TT @25.7 mph (46:47). Much windier TT today - happy to have gone under 47:00 for the 3rd straight time.
07/31Rest Day
07/308Run: (AM) Track workout - 400, 800, 1-mile, 1-mile, 800, 400 (1:09, 2:38, 5:33, 5:37, 2:41, 1:12)
07/29150013Run: (AM) Ouch! Tried to run slowly into work, but it seemed to hurt just as much as running fast. (6:48 pace); Swim: (Lunch) Had a great swim. 9:06 for 500m.
07/28300057Swim: (AM) Mix of drills and 3 x 500; Bike: (PM) rode to Donaldson race and then home. Rode very strong but missed the break by making a poor decision.
07/271Stretching and leg strength workout
07/26150010Brick: swim w/drills then run. Ran easy to turnaround (6:44 pace). Started back fast and fell apart. 6:46 pace for entire 10 miles.
07/254120-mlle TT @25.8 mph (46:27)
07/2413.5Run: (AM) Track run. 2x400 (1:11, 1:14), 2x800 (2:36, 2:40), 2x1-mile (5:36, 5:33). 8 miles total; Run: (Lunch) Easy road/trail run w/co-workers. 5.5 miles total.
07/2313Other than an easy ride into work, a rest day
07/2213Ran home from work - hot and humid! 6:26 pace
07/211500488Run: (AM) Set a new PR on my 6-mile tempo run course! 35:02 (5:50 pace); Swim: Lunch) 1500 meters straight swim - concentrated on form; Bike: (PM) With my tired legs, did the Donaldson country ride+ tonight.
07/201Stretching and leg strength workout
07/1981Rode w/ Dan and Chris O. First and last hour were easy...plenty of time trial efforts in between. 20.8mph total avearge.
07/18308Brick: Rode from home to Furman over Paris Mountain. Finished with a moderate effort up the Furman side - 11:48. Then I ran to the top and back @ 6:37 pace.
07/17Rest Day
07/16300040Swim: (AM) Great swim, 2x500 & 5x100; Bike: (PM) Didn't want the pressure of my TT tonight so I did a hard 40-mile loop at exactly 24mph (TT bike).
07/156.5Run: (Lunch) did 4x1-mile intervals w/Dan and Jim Harper (5:32, 5:29, 5:33, 6:05). Petered out on the last one. Felt a little better than expected after yesterday.
07/142000505Swim: (AM) Drills and 50's; Run: (Lunch) Supposed to be easy run, but...6:32 pace; Bike (PM) Donaldson training race @25.8mph - was away with Dan for a third of the race.
07/13Rest Day
07/121500268Raced the Chattanooga Waterfront Olympic Triathlon today.
07/11Rest Day
07/10Rest Day
07/0935Ride: (AM) 20-mile TT @47:18(25.3 mph)
07/081500Swim: (Lunch) Did 10 x 50m sprints;
07/072800477Swim: (AM) Fairly rigorous - sprints, drills, kicking; Run: (Lunch) 6-mile tempo @ 5:54 (35:27); Ride: (PM) w/Dan - moderate pace (20.8mph). Sat behind Dan during 2x4-mile efforts
07/06Planned a swim but thought it wise to take a complete rest day.
07/05643.1Brick: quick-paced ride @ 21.4 mph (road bike), run @ 6:08 pace.
07/041500367.4Brick: swim 1500 @ 28:24, bike included 20-mile TT @ 47:20 (25.3mph), run @ 6:19 pace (5:52 final mile)
07/03Rest Day (3-hour easy canoe trip)
07/028Unbelievably still got up to do my track run (tired - and under-caloried still). Did 7x400 (1:13, 1:14, 1:16, 1:13, 1:12, 1:13, 1:13) 1x800 (2:46) and 2x200 (:32, :32). A little slow, but pretty amazed I completed it
07/0152Rode an easy 13 into work, was still exhausted from yesterday and skipped my lunch swim. Was supposed to do my TT after work but tried to simply ride hard instead. It didn't work. @21.1mph
06/302000488Swim: (AM) a bit of sprint work; Run: (Lunch) did my 6-mile tempo @5:55 pace (35:34); Ride: (PM) w/Dan...we both did a triple day and we were both tired; not to mention the wind. @19.7mph
06/292700My rest week was apparent in my swim today...a bit slower than I anticipated (but a hard effort)
06/28423Brick: did 20-mile TT @26.1mph (46:02)! Best ride in nearly 2 years. 3-mile run afterwards (6:52, 6:28, 5:51)
06/2712.5Run: @6:34 pace. Ran from home to Cleveland Street Y to watch tri.
06/26Rest Day (finishing out a recovery week)
06/2538.56.2Run: (AM) @7:02 pace w/Fleet Feet teammate Jeff Gibbs. Felt a little harder than it should; Bike: (PM) w/Dan & Chris O. @19.9mph. Relaxed, quick-paced ride. Felt amazingly strong.
06/242500Still feel a bit tired, but had a good swim
06/236.2Tried desperately to go easy…but I don't think I know how. 6:37 pace was the best I could do ;-)
06/22Rest/Travel Day
06/21Rest Day
06/2020005613Raced the High Cliff Half Iron Triathlon today
06/19Rest Day
06/1818Bike: Took the race bike out for a test ride and averaged 24.8
06/17160019Bike: (AM) Easy out…moderate/hard back; Swim: (Lunch) Straight swim
06/1618008Run: (PM) 6-mile tempo @6:05
06/15Rest Day
06/1480.5Long ride w/teammates Dan and Chris O on our tt bikes. We kept the pace close to 'moderate'; felt pretty good after yesterday's workout.
06/135211Brick: Started w/8k Sunrise Run race - 5th place overall (28:14). Then added another lap of running and a ride @ 22mph
06/12Rest Day
06/113000Missed a short ride today, but had a great swim.
06/10377Bike: (AM) Legs tired from effort of last 2 days. 19.8 pace felt harder than normal; Run: (PM) Unbelievably, I still did my 6-mile tempo run - even more unbelievably @6:04 pace. Janis rode alongside me as I ran. NOW, I am dead tired.
06/09150013Swim: (AM) easy to moderate swim; Run: (PM) Was not planning on going so hard but...6:22 pace.
06/08300035Swim: (AM) Drills & distance work; Bike: (PM) 20-mile TT @25.6mph (46:50)...yes! finally back below the 47:00 mark. Still 1 min, 30 sec off my record but hopefully a trend.
06/07Rest Day
06/06769Brick: Bike-run-bike, 61-mile ride easy to moderate, 9-mile run @6:21 pace, 15-mile ride. Average ride speed: 18.4
06/05150022Bike: (AM) spin bike - moderate; lunch swim
06/0415007.56-mile tempo run @6:01
06/0336Moderate pace to work (19.4mph)
06/0225001213Swim: (AM) Followed a printed workout for the first time ever. Much easier than making it up on my own. Brick: (PM) Fast ride home then 13 mile run w/1x2-mile (5:50, 5:41) and 1x1-mile (5:43) in the middle. (6:32 avg pace)
06/01Rest Day. Was going to lift but couldn't drag myself out of bed so I listened to my body and slept!
05/311200409.5Brick: 40mi ride (21.2 mph), 9.5mi run (6:48 pace), 1200m swim (26:00)
05/302050336Brick: 2000m swim (39:30), 33mi bike (22.3 mph), 6mi run (6:28 pace)
05/2919508.5Run: (PM) Ran from work to downtown but pace degraded fairly quickly and run became a struggle. I cut the run short (6:39 pace)
05/283520-mile TT @ 25.2mph(47:37)
05/2722An hour on the spin bike; ahd trouble getting the heartrate up
05/25Rest Day
05/2416003510Brick: (swim, bike run) Dan joined me for all but the last few run miles. Swim included 10x25's; bike was on spin bikes; run was @ 6:34 pace.
05/2335Ride: 20-mile TT @ 24.7mph (48:35)
05/223200Swim: (AM) Masters swim class
05/21220028Swim: (AM) Masters swim class; Ride: (PM) Easy ride w/Dan
05/201312.5Bike: (AM) Easy ride into work; Run: (Lunch) 6:43 pace...but still wasted from yesterday
05/1963.58Run: (Lunch) 6-mile tempo @ 5:57; Ride: (PM) Donaldson + ride home...Happy w/today. Wasted, but happy
05/1830000.75Swim: (AM) Masters swim class; Lift: (AM) Half-hearted lift although good for stretching
05/173810MegaBrick: First one of the year. 38-mile ride @ 24mph (1:35:30); 10-mile run @ 6:39 (1:06:33)
05/161500113Clemson Triathlon today...added some extra swimming after the event
05/15Rest Day
05/147.5Run: (AM) Fleet Feet team run. Moderate pace (6:55) - finally a bit tired from this week.
05/13200013Run: (AM) Run into work @ 6:30 pace; Swim: (PM) Open-water Hartwell swim...3 minutes faster than 2 weeks ago (32:55).
05/12150056Swim: (AM) Easy - focused on form; Ride: (PM) Donaldson 'A' ride + ride home
05/1130007.5Swim: (AM) Masters swim class; Run: (PM) 6-mile tempo @ 5:53!
05/10Rest Day
05/0985Ride: Rode w/Dan, Jeff Gunn & Dan Shelby. Moderate pace w/3 hard pulling sections
05/0830006.5Swim: (AM) Masters swim class; Run: (PM) Raced the Swamp Rabbit 5k
05/0735Ride: (PM) w/Dan easy to moderate w/5-mile hard section
05/0613Run: (AM) Run into work ~ 6:55 pace (no Garmin)
05/05160043Swim:(AM) easy; Ride: (PM) Rode the TT bike, moderate pace
05/0430007Swim: (AM) Masters swim class; Run: (AM) ~ 6:25 pace (no Garmin)
05/03800167Did the Lake Murray sprint tri today...even after a couple of rest days, my legs felt like lead.
05/02Rest Day
05/01Rest Day
04/308.5Run: (noon) quick-tempo
04/292000223.50.75Lift: (AM) Heavy leg work; Ride: (noon) moderate spin bike session; Swim: (PM) Lake swim 35:55; Run: (PM) moderate w/Gail Kattouf
04/282100426Swim: (AM) easy; Run: (noon) 6:25 pace; Ride: Doanldson C1 ride +
04/27Rest Day
04/262411National Duathlon Championships...14th overall, 1st men's 45-49
04/2510Ride: Easy ride around the National Duathlon race course
04/2430Ride: Got just past the halfway point in my 20-mile TT when I flatted. 10-mile time: 23:11 (25.8 mph)
04/234Run: Treadmill - easy.
04/222813Run: Long run into work - 13 miles @ 6:47 (AM); Ride: Easy w/Dan (PM)
04/21397Run: AM track run w/Tessa Taylor. 2-mile(11:25), 1-mile(5:40), .5-mile(2:45); Ride: PM ride to meet Donaldson C1 ride. Moderately hard effort to meet them (nasty headwind).
04/2040.75Run: Easy treadmill; Lift: Extra work on squats
04/193910.5Hard brick workout today: 1-mile warmup run / 6-mile run @ 6:02 / 39-mile ride @ 22.9 mph / 3-mile run @ 6:14
04/18Rest Day
04/178Run: 6-mile tempo @ 6:11
04/1635Ride: 20-mile TT @24.2mph (49:30).
04/152813Run: Long run into work - 13 miles @ 6:53 (AM); Ride: Easy ride w/Dan...both very tired
04/144571Other: Lift session (AM); Run: Treadmill interval run 3x1-mile @ 5:50, 1x.5-mile @ 5:50 (noon); Ride: Donaldson C1 ride + extra @ 21.1 mph (PM)
04/13Rest/Travel Day
04/122011Hard brick workout: 1-mile warmup/6-mile tempo run @ 6:14 pace/20-mile time trial (50:40)/3-mile tempo @6:57/1-mile cooldown
04/11Rest/Travel Day
04/101610Run: AM run w/FF teammates...ran 8 @ 6:29 Ride: Spin bike after run - moderate
04/09355.8Run: AM run w/Fleet Feet team easy; Ride: 20-mile TT @ 24.5 (47:32)
04/087.6Run: Track run with FF teammates 3x1-mile (5:29, 5:33, 5:52). Tired from yesterday.
04/072000438Swim: 500x1, 100x5; Run: 6-mile tempo @ 6:08; Ride: Donaldson C1 ride on fixed gear. Gale force winds again!
04/061Other: Lift session - concentrated on squats
04/0535Ride: 20-mile TT @ 24.5mph (48:57) VERY windy